Posted on: 2021-12-01 08:12:29 UTC

IN PPC WAITING ROOM! . . . Seriously, though, good to see you back on the battlefield, bro. The Big Thing™ cometh next, so let's have a little hors d'oeuvre first:

  • For some reason, I'm always surprised about Ellie being this smart as a kid. I shouldn't, she's a Time Tot.
  • That reminds me, I need to kickstart the OFUO. I got a permission from the original author to take over.
  • "Zeb's eyebrows flew up" gave me a distubingly hilarious image of them going "See ya, sucker" and just taking off to the skies.
  • And now I feel called out for point no. 1. Although, I probably missed a lot of your content and that was referenced before, but the idea of Ellie's glittery heritage and the consequences of it (and Ave's thought process) is pretty fascinating to tackle. I like it.
  • "The actual My Immortal?" IO: Ah, there's my cue.
  • (reads three sentences of the badfic) Oh my god... I am losing my mind.
  • Ave: I do not care for the abomination of literature that's happening before us, BOY YOU DO NOT CLAIM YOU'RE OLDER THAN ME!
  • The amount of "and"s in the fic is so abhorrent, it can create a new mountain range! ("he's this and this and this, because he's this and this" ASDDFHFW SHADDAP!)
  • (shoves Nico back) You're gaaaaaaay!
  • “Oh, please, can’t I?" (p. 10) shouldn't that be 'can I?' or am I being dumb ESL again?
  • Ah, and there it is... the big finish :D

Overall, it's a classic. Standard, terrible thing, not nearly close to My Immortal levels. Good warm-up and good story there, Ix.

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