Subject: Bad biology.
Posted on: 2022-01-11 00:47:24 UTC

Yep, unless the writer is seriously thinking through the implications, this sounds like a badfic. The Witch-King is almost certainly infertile. Remember that in Middle-earth, only Illuvatar creates life (well, the Dwarves are an exception, but not a very big exception); so the Ring, and its subordinate Rings, can only stretch the one lifespan you have into infinity--to the point that you are essentially undead, because there is so little life left in you. Being able to make a baby in that condition really stretches credulity, even if he were to somehow work around being a wraith. And as you said, the Black Breath would be a huge threat to any partner, let alone the pregnancy itself.

And yes. The Witch-king acting like a loving father is a character replacement. It's anathema to everything he is. Maybe it wouldn't have been, when he was human, but by the time he's engaging in hobbit-stabbing antics, he's incapable of anything like love.

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