Subject: Could you slow down on the badfic reporting?
Posted on: 2022-01-12 20:50:40 UTC

Since I didn't say this earlier, hi! I'm Kittyauthor!

Now to the slight serious business. I understand you're eager to get into the PPC community and want to show us all the badfic out there, but could you slow down a bit? You've only made posts about badfics (or replying to other users about said badfics, unless I missed something, which (if I did) please call me out on it!) and none about... well, anything else. Not saying to make posts asking about everyone's day all the time (that's mostly disscussion for the Discord server) but maybe reply to another's post about a mission, or perhaps wish EPL a happy birthday. I understand the eagerness about sporking badfic, I really do, but perhaps could you tone it down a bit?

In a slightly different vein, if you do find multiple badfics, could you keep them to one thread so that multiple badfic threds aren't clogging up the front page? The Board sorts (default) by newest to oldest threads, so, by making a new thread for badfic, you're pushing an older thread off of the first page. I understand moving from the Starkit thread, since that got a bit crowded, but try to keep all the badfics to one thread, if possible.

Thank you for reading my long ramble-ly post. I hope you enjoy it here in our community!


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