Subject: Thanks, everyone!
Posted on: 2022-01-16 18:42:12 UTC

This week is already turning out rather tiring as well, somehow, though thankfully less hectic so far (so far >.>) so I'm just going to drop in a collective thank you before I look up and realize it's the middle of the week and this thread is getting buried.

Can't promise any further responses here, but I leave you with this: the Percy Jackson Musical (aka the Lightning Thief--the soundtrack image seems to have both names on there) is...surprisingly good, if you give it a chance to play? The trailer I saw of the actual show looks a bit underwhelming, but the soundtrack seemed that way at first, too, so...who knows! Anyway, if you liked the books and enjoy musicals, it might be worth giving some of the songs a listen.

Edit: here's a link to the soundtrack on YouTube. The bonus songs are fun, too--I like "Pick A Side". Obviously, spoilers all around for the musical and the first Percy Jackson book (not sure if it works in anything from later books, as it's been a while since I read them and I haven't seen the musical or even heard the full soundtrack yet, but just...assume there are spoilers ahead, especially in the later songs. From what I remember of the book, the first song just covers the first chapter or two, though--even mimics Percy's narration to a certain extent).


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