Subject: A horror story of a ficcer I had a brush with
Posted on: 2022-04-30 09:46:24 UTC

We generally avoid talking about the ficcers around here, but I need to talk about the actions of this one author because she genuinely scares me. This is also the reason why I won't mission still-online fics written by this author in order to avoid drawing attention to them.

Before I became a PPC writer, I did MSTs of badfics and bad OCs. This author created a few of those Suvians too, super glittery and married to canon characters and so on. That's not the scary part; what set this author apart from everyone else is the fact she was known to claim her fan works to be canon multiple times. This wasn't in jest either, as one person came to me with testimonies of more questionable behavior from her, and the ficcer herself sent me a rather long PM decrying me for suggesting that her implausible OCs and their equally implausible relationships with canon characters were not creator-acknowledged official material. Claiming to own the source material is iffy enough on its own and something most fanwork creators know not to do ("I do not own work XYZ"), but this is also the kind of stuff that 1) makes the fandom look bad, and 2) can destroy goodwill between creators and fans and even lead to quarantined continua. That's the scary part; not the badfics themselves, not her PM to me, not even her threats to sue me for defamation, but the fact her actions can cause great consequences on the fandom, up to and including barring everyone from creating fanworks for that continuum ever again. I know the chances of this continuum's quarantining is very low, what with its popularity and doujin market, but still.

It's been a while since this incident, and I can do nothing but hope the canon creators don't find out about this.

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