Subject: On an original fiction writer.
Posted on: 2022-04-30 17:29:47 UTC

I sit in a couple of writing circles, and you reminded me of a horror story I heard. Names changed to protect the innocent and guilty.

One man, Oscar, has a story, and a couple of characters, and although I haven't seen his actual draft he seems reasonable enough an author. Another man, Michael, is not so reasonable. I've seen a couple of his drafts and the only thing keeping them from being PPC fodder is the fact that they are original fiction. I in fact sporked two of his things and was in the process of sporking a third before stopping it.

Michael's poor writing ability (rife with Gary Stus, implausible events, terribly undescribed environs, paper-thin characterization and awful worldbuilding) isn't the focus of this story, however. Instead, the story is thus:

Michael grew fond of a character Oscar wrote, and said to Oscar that one of his own characters (to clarify, one of Michael's characters) could seduce the character Oscar wrote.

There are worse stories of misconduct that I know of, but none that are as personal as this one.

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