Subject: I feel like that is different.
Posted on: 2022-05-08 19:10:28 UTC

On one hand, in the context of a mission, making up lines for the Sue in reaction to the agents highlights the problems with the Sue (a contrast, if you will). Under certain death, it shows us more of why the Sue is flawed.

On the other, in this RP, you're copying the style of these Sues which, sure, points out the flaws, but the context rubs me the wrong way. It's an RP that makes fun of others' characters in a sort of bad way, I guess? (If any oldbie wants to also weigh in, please do.)

I suppose I'm seeing this from if I were in this situation. Missions provide concrit within the layers of humor. This RP really doesn't. If some were to, say, mission a fanfic I wrote, I would feel hurt, but I would see some of the concrit said, perhaps, and take them to heart. Learn how to fix my mistakes. If, on the other hand, I saw my main character thrown into an RP like this, I would feel more hurt. I would feel like my character was deemed horrible.

This isn't necessarily even touching on the "write like the Suethor" part. If I saw someone mimicking my A/N style or writing my acutal A/N and saying "((yeah, that's what they actually wrote))," it would hurt.

I guess I'm seeing this as someone who knows about the PPC in general and not an outsider, but, at the exact same time, it just doesn't feel right to me. It's probably a personal thing, especially since only one character breaks the "has to be 5 years or older" guideline I had suggested.

I'm not trying to be harsh, just weighing in.


(Again, if anyone else, not just oldbies, want to weigh in, please do!)

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