Subject: Wait a minute.
Posted on: 2022-05-08 13:30:30 UTC

Are we sure this is okay? I mean, would this count as harrassing, in a sense? My Immortal makes sense because it's imfamous, but a lot of these are from little-known fics.

Are we sure this is okay to do? If I found out one of my OCs was being used in a Sue-RP, I think I would be upset?

-kA, confused.

Edit: I guess I should make it a little clearer. I think the rules should be a little bit clearer, like only allowing badfic older than 5 years or your own badfic. I just don't want this RP used against us, I suppose, in people's views. I don't want this to be used as evidence that we bully, because we don't. I'm just nervous.

So, until I say otherwise, please ignore the above post and leave me out of this RP. (not mad. Bolding for emphasis.)

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