Subject: Why you haven’t been getting responses.
Posted on: 2022-07-19 15:37:48 UTC

As far as I can tell, Damian, you got Permission in 2020 and haven’t written anything since then. I have not read the Permission Request, got you Permission, so I’d assume it’s pretty good. However, having your first mission be a 120,000 word monster is...not the greatest idea. It’s a LOT to ask of anyone, either to read or beta. If you want, you can send it over to me, and I’ll try to give feedback, but I think it’d be much easier to write a few shorter missions first. (My first [and only (so far)] mission, I believe was around 2000 words or so.) Maybe the intro would be better as an interlude?

—Ls, Not Angry (but plagiarizing a little)

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