Subject: Strangely enough
Posted on: 2022-07-22 14:02:12 UTC

Although Lila is the actual more villainy one and Chloe is well, someone with a rough upbringing who got brutally screwed over by both the writers, Ladybug, her parents, her sister and the entire show, Chloe gets so much more hate, and much more extreme hate at that. The people who write oc inserts into Miraculous Ladybug tend (emphasis on tend) to be the most hardcore Marinette fans, and thus the most hardcore Chloe haters.

Also, "likes" is not- exactly the word I'd use to describe my relationship with Miraculous Ladybug. The absolute best praise I could give it is "goodish concept, okay animation". I definitely used to like MLB though, and thus, I have canon knowledge up to I think season 4. I kind of dropped off once I learned about the whole Thomas Astruc thing which was really, really creepy.

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