Subject: PPC+20: "Taken Far Too Literally," Chapter 11 [language]
Posted on: 2022-08-05 13:18:38 UTC

Another classic early PPC story comes to an end, with the Obligatory Epilogue to Bast's Taken Far Too Literally. If you remember, the story didn't start out as a PPC spinoff, but from Chapter 9 Jay and Acacia appeared, with permission.

Two months ago, at the end of Chapter 10, Mary Sue (the protagonist's actual name) threw Gollum into the fires of Mount Doom, but was snagged by him and went over the edge herself. Bast asked her reviewers for feedback on how the story should conclude:

The Happy Ending—Mary Sue wakes up in Real Life with her kid

The "Does This Shit Never End?" Ending-Mary Sue is hauled out and joins the PPC

The Tragic, Emotional Ending-Mary Sue fries in Mt Doom.

Today, she revealed the readers' response:

Taken Far Too Literally: Obligatory Epilogue, Or, Does This S*&$ Never End?!?!?! by GreyLadyBast

(Next PPC+20 is just over two weeks away; apparently they all took a summer break or something.)


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