Subject: Woah, these are *ancient*-type insults
Posted on: 2022-11-19 00:49:18 UTC

I could've sworn I've seen at least the third one in one of those self-published "insults for kids" books from a decade ago. I think I've seen the first two somewhere as well, even if the first one seems poorly formatted. ("No? Good," might have worked better than "No. Good." But that's just me.) The last one's just bad, though. It flows poorly, the answer's long enough it drains the punch from the punchline, and it's redundant with the IQ one above (not to mention intelligence jokes are pretty sad to see in 2022). Shameful, they really can do better. At least Y'gatha Mesome had some effort put into it. And was actually kinda neat.

Also, judging by this account's editing history, they seem to believe all agents are self-inserts - which does clarify why they seem to view attacking OC's as some grand, masterful Take That towards the PPC as a whole. After all, from their perspective, if they think all Agents are the authors, then by attacking the Agents they also get to insult (and make some goofy little internet 'you'd be better off dead' comments towards) the authors as well. Which is kinda ironic considering how the PPC's shifted over the years and how writing characters works, but eh. According to a quick Google search, they're from TV Tropes. Which does explain the lack of research, among other things. It does seem at least some of their gripes are towards older, kinda weird passages like the bit at the bottom of the 'Snape' article, judging by their edits there, but still, geez.

It is, to me at least, genuinely quite annoying that these folk (mostly TV Tropers, because of course) still don't bother actually checking out the source of the strawman they love so much. I really would like to see someone just. Address their concerns directly, you know? It's petty and almost cowardly, this. Not fun to think about, and things like this always end up clinging in my brain the wrong way.

Maybe looking through a troll's edit history was a mistake.

-OrangeFox, wondering if they can mold this into Interlude material out of spite

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