Subject: That first one is awesome.
Posted on: 2022-11-20 17:50:30 UTC

I think this passage is especially relevant to us:

[B]ullying is not a synonym for argument, disagreement or pejorative reactions. Bullying is not a synonym for disliking someone, or for thinking their work is rubbish. Bullying is not even a synonym for saying so, publicly and repeatedly, in a place where that person can hear it – although that’s certainly unpleasant. Bullying is when someone with a greater position of power and/or possessed of greater strength repeatedly and purposefully attacks, harasses, belittles and/or otherwise undermines someone in a position of lesser power and/or possessed of lesser strength.

I don't think the average PPCer has more power/strength than the average fic writer. We also don't campaign against them, individually or en masse, in their private spaces.

And I agree with Meadows' concern about diluting the meaning of the word "bullying."

Thanks for sharing!


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