Subject: Permission Request
Posted on: 2022-11-24 04:41:17 UTC

Okay, the last time I mentioned getting Permission, it was... kind of a disaster. But it was a few years ago and I think I've learnt from my mistakes. I've also read the Original Series now, and I actually found it entertaining despite not being that into LotR. My favourite mission was the one with the invisible yarn and the skinning of the blue unicorn. So, here goes.

Agent 1:

Name: T'Lai

Species: Vulcan

Gender: Female

Age: 32

Home Continuum: Star Trek

Appearance: Tan skin and black hair in the traditional Vulcan-style bowl cut. She's about one head taller than Alexa.

Personality: T'Lai, being a Vulcan, is pragmatic and doesn't do much in the way of emotional responses barring the occasional bemused comment or eyebrow raise. She's also very patient and willing to show the newbie agent Alexa Perkins the ropes. She's not that interested in pop culture, though she takes it upon herself to research the continuums she's visiting. She was in the PPC for longer than Alexa, so she has a bit of a "seen it all" attitude.

History: T'Lai was recruited by the PPC a few years ago and was keen to join when she learned that fanfic writers have a tendency to make Vulcans behave illogically. She started out with a different partner, but when he transferred to the Department of Mary Sues, T'Lai got assigned to work with the rookie agent Alexa.

Department: Floaters

Agent 2:

Name: Alexa Perkins

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Home Continuum: World One

Appearance: Red hair in a ponytail and heterochromia.

Personality: Alexa is generally a very cheerful young woman, and pretty animated. When she and T'Lai are on a mission together, she will often be having the extreme reactions (laughing, getting angry, etc.) while T'Lai reacts with stoic bemusement. In her spare time, she likes to watch cartoons and crochet. She also sings in the bathtub, and she's very bad at analogies. Being the eldest of four siblings, she has a maternal side, and thus can be quite protective of child and pet characters.

History: Alexa discovered the PPC shortly after leaving home, after falling through a plothole. At first, she was apprehensive about joining, but when she was told she could still visit her family and that she could save her favourite cartoon characters, she took to it like a duck to water.

Sample of writing: Story

I feel that it represents my ability to A.) write satire/comedy B.) recognise the traits of a badfic, C.) mock said badfic traits, and D.) write from the perspective of a character who is not me.

Story to be sporked: Story 2

I feel that this story makes for a good mission, since it has a number of malapropisms, such as Archer's face being "filled with furry". While it does have a sex scene, I don't need to worry about being biased because of my asexuality, since it's blatantly charge-worthy (captain-on-ensign) and there are so many charges that crop up beforehand that the story would be a badfic even without the sex scene.

That's all. Bye!

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