Subject: PPC Flash Patches: Japanese Heraldry Edition
Posted on: 2022-12-30 09:37:23 UTC

As I come slightly better armed with knowledge on the subject and the ruler tool in ibisPaint, I hereby announce a series of adaptations of PPC flash patches into the kamon style. New thread because this series gon' be long.

First off, give it up for Department of Mary Sues:

Snow ring (雪輪) framing a peeking (覗き) barrel cactus. I chose a snow ring to represent the Special Snowflake Syndrome that comes with Suvianhood. I chose not to strictly use the original potted saguaro cactus design as I feel it's not "Japanese" enough, so I went for a flowering barrel cactus.

P.S: Am I allowed to add this to the wiki?

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