Subject: Warning that this is not about the PPC but rather a thought about the future of humanity's existence
Posted on: 2023-01-03 07:06:45 UTC

I definitely clicked thinking it was a question about the future of the PPC, and I expect there are people for whom the actual question could cause a lot of anxiety, so...warning label added.

Yuki, I don't mean for this to make you feel bad; however, I do think a mention that this is not PPC-related may be helpful, so I've added one. Obviously not everything non-PPC necessarily has to be marked as such, but for topics like this I'm pretty sure having it be clear from the post titles what it's about is helpful. Often I see this happen organically, especially in political threads; either way, when it comes to RL Serious Topics, I think it's generally a good thing for people to have a little advance warning so they can choose whether or not they want to engage, and can avoid clicking on the thread entirely if they came to the Board specifically for writing/fandom related content (especially as a break from news sites or other platforms).


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