Subject: Ah, I see.
Posted on: 2023-01-03 07:16:53 UTC

Thanks for the clarification. I got confused, and concerned, for a moment when I saw the original post. /nm And you haven't bothered me too much, so don't worry about me.

I doubt humans will go extinct, as we've proved ourselves to be quite tenacious. One of my worldbuilding projects actually revolves around some human populations leaving the Solar System to spread across the galaxy once Earth becomes inhospitable; a subsequent convention among the space-bound countries puts the home system off limits for war purposes, although stuff like tourism and pilgrimages to Mecca are permitted, of course (albeit super expensive because in this universe, the resources required for FTL travel are difficult to mass produce). And this is a bad scenario, where humans continue to strip Earth of resources and slowly degrade it, causing them to move off-world. In the end, I wish humanity the best and hope we don't trash our planet beyond saving, because I'm rather fond of Earth.

Well, that was sappy of me. On a tangential note, I kind of want to see a space battle within my lifetime.

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