Subject: I should probably mention, I've been on a structural wiki-editing kick.
Posted on: 2023-01-03 17:01:51 UTC

Just in case anyone has looked at Recent Changes lately and had their eyes pop at the truly absurd number of edits I've made in the last couple of days, here's what I've been up to:

1. I discovered how to use the {{DISPLAYTITLE}} template. This allows me to instruct an article's title to display however I want, such as with italics (for long or multi-part works) or with quotation marks (for short works). I've been applying this to all continua and fic pages—including styling long fanfiction titles according to convention for maybe the first time ever. A lot of the Legendary Badfics and other stories are multi-chapter beasts, and it makes sense to acknowledge that. Not doing so was basically a weird statement that fanfiction is lesser than other forms of fiction, and you could make a case for that, but that's not what italics vs quotation marks means, so it was never really an appropriate way to make that statement. This was probably entirely my own fault, since I've been the one beating the drum for any styling of titles all along. I don't mind redoing it myself. (But I could use some help on the Killed Badfic pages if y'all are willing, though.)

I've also recategorized all the badfic so that it doesn't appear in the Badfic supercategory, only in Killed Badfic and/or Legendary Badfic. Since we do not intend to host pages for just any badfic, it makes sense to me to treat that category strictly as an organizational one for subcategories and lists. I hope doing this will subtly discourage the addition of pages for just any fics in the future. Not that it's been a huge problem or anything—but, oh yes, I did delete a couple badfic pages that were marked for deletion and really had no objective relevance to the wiki. You're welcome, Linstar!

I also relocated a bunch of OFU pages from the Works By Boarders category to a new OFUs By Boarders subcategory. They were cluttering up the Works supercategory.

2. I discovered how to implement a template for those little quotations at the tops of pages! It is called {{Q}} and the format is:

{{q|the quotation|who said it}}

It automatically applies a fancy angle bracket and italics to offset the quotation. Further styling (such as linkage) can be done in both fields. I've been applying this to all the top-of-page (or section) quotes I can find. This can be used at the top of a section, too. If you spot one I haven't done yet, feel free to do it!

3. I also added a little javascript module that provides a page preview when you hover your cursor over a link, which has proven very helpful for finding those quotes. I'm not sure I love it, though. The default image that displays when the script can't find an image on the page is really annoying, IMO. I could get custom JS turned on for our wiki, and then it would be possible to tweak the module, but I don't know if that's a rabbit hole I want to go down. I don't actually know javascript. Thoughts?

... I think that's about it. I've stumbled into editing some pages more extensively, such as when I've noticed broken links or just terrible writing, but I'm trying not to.

Feel free to use this thread to ask any wiki-related questions you've got.


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