Subject: Oh, I forgot another thing: tophat templates.
Posted on: 2023-01-03 17:19:42 UTC

4. I learned how to use CSS to make those NSFW and Spoiler banners flex to work around infoboxes and images, so they're much more versatile in terms of where they can be placed on the page. They don't have to go right at the top anymore, and I believe Fandom recommends avoiding tophats. Therefore, I've moved them below the lede when possible. I'd like to do this across the board, including on pages that discuss inherently sensitive subjects. My logic is that the page's title itself should be a clue that its content should be read judiciously, and also that the lede should make it possible for a person to glean a basic definition of the subject without going into detail.

I've been removing Spoiler banners on pages where the subject is over five years old.

I'll also remind everyone that the NSFW banner should only be applied if the article content itself includes NSFW details, not simply because it's about something else (like a fic) that is NSFW. On the matter of sensitive subjects, it IS possible to discuss any subject in a PG-13 manner (which even permits the occasional swearword, btw). As long as this is the case, no warning is needed. But if a section quotes or summarizes a lot of questionable material from badfics, then the banner is a good idea.


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