Subject: re: cowrite
Posted on: 2023-03-01 03:11:24 UTC

Ah, the sadventure continues! It’s tricky for me to comment when missions are split into parts like this, since I’m not getting the full narrative at once, but I will say I was amused by:
-the idea of fairies from a Disney cartoon being conceptually horrified by pregnancy
-the rooms made out of Snape parts
- Fáelán and Émilie failing to commit Carlisle’s canon lessons to memory, to the point where they don’t realize Voldemort’s significance

Funny, the agents seem bothered by Harry and Draco being rude to Dumbledore, but considering how Dumbledore is behaving in this story, I think yelling is quite warranted. Being an authority figure/having a title in front of his name doesn’t excuse bad behavior or choices on his part!

—doctorlit doubts the beds in an “infirmery” are very comfortable, though probably better than in an "infirmestry"

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