Subject: For prompt 3, Kaguya solo backstory, Doll Festival themed
Posted on: 2023-03-05 12:03:56 UTC

Hazama Takeo and Mitsuki had no daughter, but they celebrated Doll Festival all the same. It would be a waste not to display the hina doll set they had, a treasured Hazama family heirloom. Crafted by the famed Andō clan, it was an outstanding work of Kyoto craftsmanship: a full seven-tier set, every doll from the Emperor and Empress down to the three officials minutely carved and painted and clad in fine textiles, accompanied by furniture lacquered and gilded. Though passed down many generations, the doll set remained as new.

However, there was yet a more important reason for the celebration: the couple's son was fascinated by the elegance of hina dolls and blooming peach blossoms, the colours of chirashizushi and crisped rice. It was what truly mattered.