Subject: To celebrate the occasion, I present to you a Lestat badfic
Posted on: 2023-03-07 01:10:58 UTC

Do keep in mind that I'm not in the fandom or have much knowledge about the canon, but this thing here seems to have all the makings of a classic Wattpad badfic, set in the Vampire Chronicles universe. Here's a sample:

After I went and sat on the couch in the living room with a mug filled with hot tea. I turned on the TV. A scream broke out of it and Le stats pale gorgeous face appeared again. It was on MTV, one of his music videos were on. Goose bumps crawled all over my skin. Then that's when a new thought came in. What if I went to the vampire club where he goes to, tonight? My mom wasn't going to be home for another 3 days. Why not? I had my license to drive. A car and my brain. It was a Friday night, no school the next day. But let's face it people if you’re going to go to a vampire club, hide out, alone. Then you’re probably crazy, not thinking strait. I clearly wasn't thinking strait at the time. Or any time after it.
Also, the fic's entire text is in bold.

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