Subject: Questions you forgot.
Posted on: 2023-07-17 22:36:42 UTC

We have FAQs for that! You may want to start with the FAQ: For Newbies. Other FAQs are linked from it.

To add to what Linstar said re. agent characters, as a Permission Giver, I'd say it generally takes rather longer to get Permission these days. I like to have a strong sense that someone will be a good fit in the community before I hand out the keys to our shared universe, so it depends on how you interact—and since I'm not in the Discord much, I tend not to be aware of anything not on the Board. It's especially helpful to participate in any writing challenges (such as Novastorme's monthly prompts) or games that get posted here. Commenting on other people's stories is excellent social currency in a writing community, too.

And, y'know, not being a big jerk, but that's what the Constitution is for. {= )


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