Subject: Ay, glad you liked it!
Posted on: 2023-08-09 15:47:46 UTC

And don’t worry about time or anything - not like there’s a deadline for feedback, and home chores are important.

I’m pretty happy Ocotillo and Matterhorn are coming across the way I intended too - in their earliest drafts they kind of just felt like a weak rehash of Charlie and Jiwon’s dynamic (and the weaker, early-mission form of that dynamic to boot), so I wanted to fix that. Nice to see that it worked!

Melpomene was… interesting to write. I tried to get some theatrical elements in with her fancy clothing, but I didn't want to shift her personality too far from her original state. Maybe she'll soften up as time goes on?

Also the 'moue' comment gave me the strangest sense of deja vu, and I had to check something - it turns out this isn’t the first time this word’s been commented on in a PPC work I’ve written, who knew?

Matterhorn's continuum sentence was left unfinished as a sort of joke, since I… never fully decided where he was from. Could remove it, if it doesn't work. It's not really important to the plot or anything.

And while I was looking for that extra space, I found an entirely separate double space in another sentence! Got a two in one, there. Managed to get the Nightshade mentions fixed too, while I was at it. Wouldn't do to keep them there at all. Thanks for the help!

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