Subject: Yeah, not an informative trailer at all.
Posted on: 2024-05-17 21:30:30 UTC

I did a line by line description of it over on the Barrow-Downs, and all it told me is a) Sauron is in it, b) there are Rings, possibly Of Power, and c) I barely recognise any of these characters.

In the sillier part of the Downs I also speculated on possible plot points, which I feel are worth sharing here. These are my very serious predictions:

  • Since everything in Middle-earth must be explained on-screen, the oceanic kraken seen in the middle of the trailer is the Watcher in the Water. The... underwater girl?... is going to take it to Moria.

  • I definitely saw Movie!Kili and Tauriel in there, so I'mma say time travel. Since Mithril is silmarils or whatever that was all about, Bilbo's mithril vest is magically linked to the Second Age and Hobbit movie characters are going to travel back to join the show.

  • The entire last episode of Series 1 will be deleted, "which is okay because Tolkien did the same thing with the Riddles scene!". The Three haven't been forged, and Sauron is still undercover. Though the whole "drop a river on a volcano" thing is presumed to have still happened offscreen.

  • At least one First Age elf from the opening of Appendix A will appear in person. Probably Feanor; I don't see any mention of him dying in this, the only book that matters.

I think I'm onto something with that last one. Could be Turgon or Idril, though.


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