Subject: Haha, nice.
Posted on: 2024-05-18 05:21:50 UTC

I dunno who your "Tauriel" is, but I think "Kili" is Human!Sauron. ... Unless Movie!Kili was Sauron all along!! That might honestly explain him, using smarm in an attempt to disrupt Elven society. {X D

I like your time travel idea, though! The show is already bending time anyway. I'm sure it's fine, because the Valar can canonically bend space. And, what's George Lucas' thing, rhyming? And Tolkien liked poetry, too!

Not sure what the joke is about Tolkien deleting the Riddles scene, but if they wanna go ahead and take a mulligan on the last episode of S1, they have my permission. ^_^

On an actual serious note, I wonder if one of the Elves drawing swords was Celeborn? If they want a romantic subplot, that would be a reasonable place to get one. Oh, or, if Galadriel and Celeborn are married already then where the heck was he in S1?, the female elf could be Celebrían, and she and Elrond can have the romantic subplot.


"Space is warped and time is bendable!"

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