Subject: re: mission part 2
Posted on: 2024-05-23 13:59:07 UTC

I find this both funny and rather cute: Kaguya appears vain on the outside, because of how he grooms and comports himself all the time, but his speech in this chapter made me realize that he isn’t really doing it for his own sake. He’s done it to maintain his school’s social order, to preserve the image of his parents’ hotel, and to protect Momoka’s reputation. And even now, when Kaguya is dangerously ill, he’s still only thinking about Momoka, not himself. He’s actually a very complex character, and I think Inasuke has finally noticed that as well, since he appealed to Kaguya using Momoka’s feelings, instead of his own. I hope this is the start of a much healthier relationship between the two!

I’m not too sure that the nursing staff of Medical would lock patients in like that? Feels a little weird, although I suppose if Kaguya has been consistently trying to escape, they might have resorted to locking the door to keep him safe. Just so long as it’s a special case, and not the standard operating procedure!

I very much love the exorcism scene! I love the idea that, because the shrine was the closest thing to canon featured in the fic, that the ground around it basically became canon source material, and was able to defeat the character replacements on contact. Very unique and fun!

A new word you taught me today: UV mapping!

—doctorlit is selfless like Kaguya. More selfless than Kaguya actually, because he doesn’t waste time on all that pointless self-care. Remember, it takes fewer muscles to slouch!

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