Subject: The Murderbot Diaries
Posted on: 2024-06-18 03:32:51 UTC

I finally took various people (including Delta) up on their recommendations to read The Murderbot Diaries (All Systems Red and sequels) and, having finished the first two books, I think I'm hooked.

The books are sci-fi novellas (? - I'm going off of audiobook length) following the adventures of said Murderbot as it tries to keep the humans it's guarding from dying ... and the much harder problem that some humans have decided they see it as a person and want to talk to it about its feelings.

Book-review wise, the narration's tight and the action/mystery/... is fun. The first two books have been fantastic ways to spend a few hours of my evening. It helps that Murderbot's got reasonably snarky - and extremely relatable to most of the Board, probably - narration.

So yeah, this is a combination "who's read the things?" and "you might want to read the things!"

  • Tomash

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