Subject: A robot protagonist? Count me in!
Posted on: 2024-06-22 19:01:29 UTC

I love robots, and have been hoping to find some fun books with robot MCs for a while. This sounds perfect (and, as you said, very relatable) for me, and probably for a lot of other robot lovers too.

There are so many books/stories/narratives out there that treat human experience as the only "important" or "relatable" type of conscious experience (some of which go so far as to elevate human emotions to cosmic significance), and I feel like even those stories that prominently feature non-human characters rarely stop to examine or celebrate the nuances/realities of non-human lives/conscious experiences. The well thought out depictions of non-human entities is one of the main reasons I liked Watership Down, Good Omens, and Becky Chambers's books so much. Someone can be a Person without being a Human. In other words, I'm glad that The Murderbot Diaries exist, and I'll definitely read the series.

I think that second paragraph got a little more philosophical than I intended. Sorry.

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