Subject: Getting past Writers Block, how do YOU do it?
Posted on: 2008-06-25 16:52:00 UTC

Well I'm currently writing up my masters thesis (Nutrient/Gene Interactions in Breast Cancer). The deadline for my first draft is Monday, and what happens? The dreaded Writers Block (and it fully deserves those capital letters!). I've tried reading around the subject, I've tried reviewing what I've already written, I've tried banging my head against the desk (getting some odd looks from the other people in the office), but not much is coming out. I'm getting about 1000 words a day written, and what I want is more like 5000!
So what do other people do when this dread condition strikes you? Also has anyone else noticed that it only ever happens when you have a deadline?

To answer my own question I would usually write something else, but obviously that is not an option at the moment!

An increasingly crazy Crystal

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