New chapter of *The World Without Authors* is up! by on 2023-03-18 16:44:50 UTC
Well, it's White Day today by on 2023-03-14 04:28:49 UTC
Claimed Badfic list cleanup by on 2023-03-11 18:12:48 UTC
Comm consensus needed: de-quarantining works written by Anne Rice by on 2023-03-06 00:33:36 UTC  Edited
Strange Aeons has recorded themselves reading all of My Immortal! by on 2023-03-01 13:05:29 UTC
I'm not sure what to think of this group. by on 2023-02-28 18:49:52 UTC
I don't write stories often enough, but have a very short interlude I wrote up this evening. by on 2023-02-09 04:24:10 UTC
So my sibling just got a copy of Empress Theresa… by on 2023-02-04 22:39:16 UTC
New interlude! by on 2023-02-03 22:26:05 UTC
Holy macaroni, it's Lunar New Year tomorrow by on 2023-01-21 13:02:11 UTC
Chapter 2 of the second arc of *The World Without Authors* is up! by on 2023-01-15 19:44:57 UTC
How tall is Luxury? by on 2023-01-14 14:51:46 UTC
Another year, another boardiversary...but it's been a *decade* now. by on 2023-01-13 09:04:29 UTC
New year, new Heirs of Avalon chapter! by on 2023-01-04 17:59:18 UTC
Oh wow, apparently it's Tolkien's 131st birthday (nm) by on 2023-01-04 09:56:22 UTC
I should probably mention, I've been on a structural wiki-editing kick. by on 2023-01-03 17:01:51 UTC
What New Year’s Resolutions do you have? by on 2022-12-31 20:28:20 UTC
A riff I wrote by on 2022-12-27 20:25:08 UTC
OT: Steam winter sale / let’s recommend each other some video games by on 2022-12-23 17:53:47 UTC
Do we have a PPC recipe book? I think we should make one if not. Or this can be a recipe recs thread by on 2022-12-18 17:58:08 UTC
A couple questions about POVS by on 2022-12-18 05:18:22 UTC
A quiz based on infamous opening lines to fanfics by on 2022-12-16 23:27:24 UTC
Christmas Interlude by on 2022-12-14 18:04:12 UTC
How to translate Neopets canon to a mission setting? by on 2022-12-13 07:02:17 UTC
PPC+20: "Suedom Chapter 3: It Gets a Lot More Complicated" by on 2022-12-12 15:42:46 UTC

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