1 So guys, I'm almost definitely going completely deaf in a few days & I need emotional support by on 2024-07-21 15:36:14 UTC
How do you find the motivation? by on 2024-04-01 16:13:27 UTC
uh, hi? Introduction by on 2024-04-01 13:32:54 UTC
you may have noticed i left the discord by on 2024-03-10 16:41:58 UTC
Spock Speak and the PPC by on 2024-03-05 14:44:45 UTC
Should we talk about moving wikis again? by on 2024-03-05 13:17:58 UTC
Yay, A Gumball Mecha Anime Harem. by on 2024-03-01 12:19:13 UTC  Edited
Discord invite by on 2024-02-14 01:49:04 UTC
Character Journal by on 2024-01-30 16:05:08 UTC
Let's talk about wiki roles. (Business, but not that serious.) [Discussion still open] by on 2024-01-19 17:43:37 UTC  Edited
Introduction by on 2024-01-07 10:35:06 UTC
Happy New Year! by on 2024-01-01 00:34:28 UTC
Random fic on AO3 tagged with the "Protectors of the Plot Continuum" tag. by on 2023-12-20 20:13:13 UTC  Edited
What happened here?! by on 2023-11-30 08:55:33 UTC
I announce either hiatus or complete retirement from PPC activities by on 2023-11-18 03:01:46 UTC  Edited
Introduction by on 2023-11-09 21:24:59 UTC
Community consensus needed: Moving the PPC wiki by on 2023-11-01 17:27:08 UTC  Edited
I'm back :D by on 2023-07-27 01:12:28 UTC
An introduction and important question (forgive me if this is the wrong place) by on 2023-07-18 04:42:20 UTC
It looks an awful lot like Twitter is about to shut down; archive your tweets! by on 2023-07-02 03:42:05 UTC
I am going on semi-hiatus for mental health reasons by on 2023-06-24 01:28:49 UTC
Archive your fanfiction.net stuff!! by on 2023-05-30 16:23:49 UTC
I am the worst kind of person. by on 2023-05-26 07:00:37 UTC
First fairy interlude, finally by on 2023-05-03 05:02:34 UTC  Edited
Sorry for the belated post, but on linking to killed badfics on the wiki lists by on 2023-05-01 13:07:22 UTC

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