Subject: Liber Pandemonium!
Posted on: 2019-10-19 20:35:39 UTC

I completely forgot that they were named. Whoops. Now to name them!

Wobbles's bluebird: Olicolio

This is a slightly unusual name, but it makes more sense if you write it as O Li C O Li O, which reduces down to Li2CO3. Chemists among you might recognize that as the formula for lithium carbonate, a noted mood stabilizer and antimanic.

Lola: Durandal

Most of you, or most of you who are also colossal sword dorks, know Durandal as the sword of Roland. Now, the ex-XCOM field commander having a noble sword for a daemon is fun enough, but the name also derives in this case from Annette Durand, one of the named characters in XCOM: Enemy Unknown/Within and very commonly a psionic of prodigious talent who saves the world from alien invasion.

Algie: Trentweed

As well as sounding "tweedy", a common signifier of the academic, this ties into Algie's perception of himself as foremost a practical magician. The rivers Tweed and Trent marked the borders of John Uskglass's kingdom, and far more than any lunatic German slapped on the throne because his grandfather was the only non-Catholic option, John Uskglass is Algie's king.

The Notary: Maunderminima

Let's be honest, Maunderminima sounds the most like a daemon's name of the four listed here. However, it's a specific astronomical term concerning sunspots. It referred to a period during the Little Ice Age during which sunspots were barely seen; as sunspots are dark, cold patches on the surface of a star, it reminds her that the darkness and coldness in her life is not inevitable or mandatory, and that it too shall pass.

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