Subject: What is to be done?
Posted on: 2019-11-04 02:44:01 UTC

This is a very important conversation that first started on the Assassin thread, so I invoke its name once more.

So, we know that we need to revitalize the local culture around here, and with the new Board in play, now seems like the perfect opportunity. We need to get more people writing missions, more people discussing things here instead of the Discord, more people reading and reviewing writings, more people beta'ing things, more of that sweet, sweet long-form discussion that differentiates us from the rest of the Internet.

Here are some observations I have compiled: - Geema's observations on the #badfic channel, namely its effects on sporking fics. According to Geema: "I don't know about how people with Permission who use the Discord see it, but I could definitely see how it could be detrimental to writing missions in the long run. I know that if I had Permission, I would try to actively avoid missioning things I had previously thrown into the Discord; after all, a good chunk of people would have already seen what makes the fic bad, so it would be a bunch of extra work writing things just to get some character interactions down onto a page (not that there's anything wrong with that, it just puts the 'sporking badfic' aspect of PPC writing far in the background)." - Nova's feelings: "The PPC-ness of the PPC community feels like it's been draining away slowly. I was thinking about all the Discord servers I was in the other day and realised that the main reason I'm still in the PPC one is because of the D&D campaign that Badger is running in there. The European friendly write up while great has been a singular occurence, and I feel like it's become more of a chatting place for several groups of friends that interlink, rather than a chatting place for a writing community. The main reason I joined the PPC was to help hone my writing skills because I felt like it was a friendly community where doing that was not just easy but also actively supported, and yet I feel like that has been left by the wayside more and more since the launch of the Discord. I mean, this is just my opinion obviously, and it's a fairly bleak look at things. But part of me suspects that my experiences aren't necessarily too far from the truth." - A general consensus that we need to advertise ourselves to newbies more - stuff like posting missions on AO3, maybe a "Welcome to the PPC!" compilation of recent missions, etc. - The complete lack of activity on the Board. Seriously. tumbleweed - A link to the last time this discussion happened:

Part of this may be me just overreacting to negativity, but I think we need to have a serious, organized discussion around this. What are we going to do? What can we do? What is to be done? How can we save our community?

Things that have been helping: - A recent influx of writings, like Huinesoron's Driftwood mission, Iximaz's goose story, Neshomeh's planned Goose Story 2, and leafeyes returning with a new mission. - The fact that this discussion happened in the first place. The Driftwood mission got a lot of reviews last time because it was posted right on the heels of this discussion. - All the newbies who are working on their Permission attempts. That's Geema, QuantumMelody (if I remember right), and yours truly. sparkles on you Once we all get Permission, we can expect an influx of missions. Not to mention FourMoonsWatchng recently gaining Permission. - A recent surge of returning oldbies thanks to the creation of the new Board. Since some of them have Permission, we can expect more PPC stories soon.

Things that haven't been helping: - The Discord. Everyone spends all their time there now, and it doesn't really fit our culture, what with it being more quick, short-form, and mainstream. Of course, things like #rudis and #courtyard have been great, and the #generic-salt channel has helped us help each other. But note Geema's notes on the #badfic channel and the recent addition of a #goodfic channel, which might take traffic away from this Board's goodfic rec threads. Also the #generic-channel taking conversations away from the Board. Part of this is because the Discord feels a lot lower-investment. - The fact that we haven't started advertising ourselves lately. (As far as I know. Someone please correct me on this. Please.)

Things we can do: - Advertise ourselves. Move missions en masse to AO3 rather than Google Docs, where they'll be visible - Re-bootstrap ourselves. Start discussing things here rather than the Discord. - DISCUSS THIS! My words are not hard fact set in stone. We need to work together to come up with a workable solution and implement it. Especially oldbies; they know what this community's supposed to look like better than I do.

-Neo Skater, hoping to God he's being alarmist again

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