Subject: Not a whole lot to say.
Posted on: 2019-11-06 16:36:32 UTC

I feel kind of bad that my own activity has been so low of late; it's been pretty hectic the last few weeks. I hope to pick back up henceforth.

I am wildly amused to see people raising the same kind of points I've been raising since, uh... about 2005, just at the point where I've relaxed enough to not make them any more. This Is All The Chat's Fault was my rallying cry for many a year. (Is it true? Eh, I'unno. This whole conversation started because I asked how active the Discord was, and the impression I got was 'not very actually'.)

The Board has been slowing down over time. We peaked in 2008, which was a very active time, and have been trending downwards since. Check out the total post counts in the annual spreadsheets to see this in action. And it does feel very slow right now, I'm not going to lie. But ultimately, I think Nesh and Zing have it right - it's not that much slower, and it'll probably pick back up.

Of course, the only way for it to pick back up is for people to post more and write more. ^_^ We had an upsurge of both newbies and writing when Iximaz was young and energetic, which was because a) there were lots of PPC stories appearing on fanfic archives, and b) when they came looking, people found an active Board. It's like you said: bootstraps.

I've tried out a few methods of getting things to pick up speed here. The most fun was Driftwood, which (for the first six missions) was posted weekly on Missions can be short and quick, so maybe someone who's got more time/energy could go back to that? I then segued into a more relaxed Wednesday Pluggage, where I tried to post a new piece of fiction once a week - not all long, but it meant there was something up there.

Then... well, there were the Friday Forums, where I posted news and fun stuff each Friday. That created an active thread each weekend, but I don't think it sparked much general activity (though I did get a quirky D&D comic strip out of the second version). I've also given myself challenges like 'reply to every thread', 'reply to everyone who replies to me', and 'make a new thread Monday, Wednesday, and Friday', but those burn out so quickly when people don't react to them.

I also created Plort... >:) The big difference between The Protectorate of Plort, Konti-Nyuum and the various other 'what if the PPC community was X?' efforts is that I didn't start with a story about myself: I started with a) a story of the community, and b) presents. ^_^ People get very excited if you offer to make something for them, and if that leads into RP and interaction, you have a Plort.

Looking back at what I've just written, I think my advice boils down to: give. If you want to see the PPC community thrive, put as much of yourself into it as you can spare. If you're lucky, people will respond in kind. (If you're not, then... prepare to feel pretty grim about the whole thing in a couple of weeks. Sorry. :-)

hS, rambling still

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