Subject: A bit of clarification on what I said.
Posted on: 2019-11-04 21:20:39 UTC

I highly doubt that the Discord's #goodfic channel is going to be detrimental to the PPC, and there's an important reason why: it takes a lot less effort to say "Hey, this thing is good, I think you should read it if you're in the fandom!" than it takes to take a badfic apart. The way things move in the Discord, people can spend a few hours riffing on a particular fic, and I can easily imagine writing a 30-page mission taking weeks to write, edit, and get beta-read before publishing.

Doing that kind of analysis on a goodfic is possible, but then it starts being less of a plug and more of a full review, which I think of as being in a different category. Plenty of people have done reviews of things on the Board before--Thoth has done a few, and I recall Nesh doing a bit of one for the last How to Train Your Dragon movie--but those reviews are generally meant to spark a conversation about that particular work or genre, not start or be part of a recommendation thread.

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