Subject: I... really don't know.
Posted on: 2019-11-28 15:27:59 UTC

I did the Alfred one out of boredom last week or so, Wiki-crawling the family to find out where it led. Then I did the William one today, discovered it led to the same place, and... decided to run with it. (It would probably be a lot easier with a family tree, actually; but I work with what I've got. ^_~)

I've just gone and extended the final 'Equal Rights Descent' from William the Conqueror; somehow I've managed to reach the mid-1700s before running out of easy targets. It certainly looks like our destined monarch is likely to be bopping about in Germany! If I reach the present day, I think I'll have to concile it into a list of who exactly would have reigned at any given moment, despite the complete lack of sense that makes. :D


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