Subject: Aaah, yes. That one.
Posted on: 2020-01-07 21:08:45 UTC

I was made aware of Trapped in 40k by erttheking of LotD. Not from the sporking (which was pretty good), but from the many, many jabs at it placed within ert's very excellent listfic (sort of), "Avoiding Stupid Deaths in the 41st Millennium." Which is a "things X is no longer allowed to do in Y" affair (yet another Mr. Welch and/or Skippy's List derivative) except it has a plot and established narrative voice. And a gradually developing story about fighting chaos and the importance of family. It's really good. 40k fans, totally go read it.

But yes. Even among the 40k self-insert Isekai fanfics (which are... uh... usually really bad, because aren't they always? Also, sidenote, who wants to be put into 40k? What kind of vicarious fantasy is that?) "Trapped in 40k" is... uniquely bad. It is among the worst 40k fics I've laid eyes upon, and that includes fics riddled with gratuitous and genuinely disturbing sexual content (no, not the setting-appropriate kind), incoherent trollfic, bad imperium fixfic, confusing attempts to replicate Warhammer High's success (which usually fail because most people aren't Someone Else), and Space Marine self-insert wish fulfillment.

It's bad. Entertainingly bad. So yeah, I'm totally recommending this.

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