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Posted on: 2020-01-08 23:07:34 UTC

So, Trapped in 40k is a hard one to categorise here. The original Trapped was definitely offensive in pretty much every scene that trivialised sexual slavery, slavery in general, rape (IIRC there was a captured Eldar Farseer (who's capture is yet another charge) with a rape fetish, which not only contradicts the canon, but also is handled pretty poorly to say the least), and also some pretty horrid other stuff. I wouldn't call it "offensive" in the sense that it will offend anyone who reads it- certainly it is a bad piece of writing that will offend your sensibilities- but I would say that it is bad enough to take apart.

However, the rewrite is actually a lot cleaner than the original, at least as far as I've gotten. I tend to give fics a brief skim before riffing, and then go chapter by chapter, rather than reading the entire thing first. As such, I have a general impression of what shenanigans occur later in the fic, but as far as I've read in depth, it's significantly less...let's say "raunchy"...than the original. There's only one sex scene so far, and while it's a doozy of a badly handled situation, it's not as bad as some of the scenes in the original.

That's not to say that Trapped in 40k isn't deserving of a mission. It is by far one of THE worst 40k fics- as said quite eloquently by Thoth- and is just as horrifically bad as its predecessor. While I'd recommend reading the story before deciding on whether to PPC it or not, I'd say that it doesn't matter whether the author deleted it or not. EP has a history of handling criticism very poorly, and his reasons for deleting the story are probably less about shame or "moving past it" than trying to escape criticism on any level. I don't know EP personally, but I know what his behaviour usually is in regard to any sort of criticism. Even if he's trying to move past the fic, he's still writing the same old HoH in the same old ways. Erttheking can probably tell you about how EP rejected Ert's offers to beta read for him because it would require work at his end of the equation. He doesn't want to listen to criticism of any kind, and that in my mind marks him as the worst kind of author.

As a aside, it's entirely possible that EP deleted the fic to try and stop me from riffing the story. I do know EP was aware of the riff, as a user called Sogi Hann (I think? I know that it was something like that) commented on the fic, and explicitly mentioned the existence of the riff. EP is also aware of the existence of the Library, as many others can attest. I don't know if this is fact though, and it's only conjecture on my part.

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