Subject: Solution for character rupture with no Mary Sue involved?
Posted on: 2020-01-08 04:11:17 UTC

I may have asked this before, but I forgot, so bear with me. As far as I understand, possession is when someone is highly out-of-character in a Sue-ish way, so the solution is an exorcism, character replacement is when a character is 100% OOC and might as well be somebody else and the solution is to act as though they are someone else and replace them with a more IC version of the character, and character rupture is when someone is highly OOC but it's clear they're not possessed because they're not acting like a Mary Sue.

Now, if it's a Mary Sue that's causing a character rupture, then that's easy: just kill the Sue! However, what if there is no Sue around to kill? How do you fix that?

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