Subject: Expanding on this
Posted on: 2020-01-09 20:53:58 UTC

(ETA: working link)

Sue-wraiths cause Suvian behavior, typical or otherwise; meanwhile, slash-wraiths cause slashy behavior, trolls cause trollish behavior, etc. Exorcism indeed works on the lot, though trolls might require a specialized version known as "sunning." (See Badfic Troll (Creature).)

However, generic OOCness is a thing, too, and may be curable simply by removing enough uncanon influences for the canon to snap back. This may be achieved by putting crossover elements back in the universe(s) where they belong, using a neuralyzer to make the character forget things they shouldn't know, or using a Memory Implant Device to make them remember things they should. (Ironically, nobody remembers the last one these days.)

Or, if it's a severe case and/or all else fails, that's what the Department of Fictional Psychology is for. {= )

For more information, I recommend taking a look at the Possession, Character Rupture, Character Replacement, and CAD pages on the wiki. (Though, looking at the Possession page, I think I'll edit it to make the language a little more general.)


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