Subject: Random language thoughts: Tailgate
Posted on: 2020-01-28 04:50:18 UTC

English (at least the flavor of US English I've picked up) has "-gate" as a reasonably general suffix for scandals,or at least in cases where it doesn't sound really dumb. So you get things like "Bridgegate", an affair out in New Jersey where someone set up some pointless "traffic studies" in order to massively slow traffic to ad from a place that didn't vote for them (IIRC).

This all seems to be by generalization from "Watergate", where Nixon had some people break into a hotel to get info on his rival's campaign, and also seems to require a capital letter on the words.

So, while "tailgate" has a few meanings (the bit at the back of a pickup truck that folds down, teating and drinking in a parking lot that often involves a truck's tailgate, or, unrelatedly, getting into places by following someone through a security thing they can open but you can't), what sort of ridiculous things could "Tailgate" be? Or "Tailgategate"?

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