Subject: Tailgate
Posted on: 2020-01-29 14:08:34 UTC

Tailgate is the inevitable scandal in which a congressperson is discovered to have attended a furry convetion. (in my state, this scandal already happened).

Talegate will be the scandal over children's fiction authors conspiring with publishers to promote The Gay Agenda in their work. Much like Pizzagate, it won't actually be happening because the Gay Agenda isn't real thing. But that's never stopped them before.

Telltalegate is just the controversy over Telltale Games's poor treatment of its employees prior to its bankruptcy. That one's real, albeit not named *gate.

Retailgate is the conspiracy between large chain stores to band together and form a committee to develop a method to assassinate Jeff Bezos. Unfortunately for them, Bezos will buy a Tesla Cybertruck two months later, which will halt any and all assassination attempts because no assassin wants to associated with something that ugly.

Stargate is the conspiracy theory that Goa'uld are actually real and in control of the government.

Gategate is the public outcry over the press naming every single conspiracy, outrage, outcry, or anything else "somethinggate", followed by the discovery that there's actually a committee to decide on the best "gatename" for a given event.

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