Subject: First off I want this book right now
Posted on: 2020-02-14 14:56:28 UTC

Secondly... is it weird that I don't see that in the H5?

Yes, it's paired down, but... that just doesn't seem sad to me. There's a beauty in austerity and in purely functional design.

Maybe it's because I'm a programmer by trade. And the code equivalent of fine engraving and frills adorning everything is... pain. It's "cleverness" and I put cleverness in quotes, because it's cleverness for the sake of being clever, showing off how smart you are for the sake of it.

When I think of beautiful designs, I see designs that are elegant, yes, but utterly workmanlike. They're simple things made out of simple parts that do exactly what you expect and when you take them apart and look inside, you can't help but understand what they do because it's writ plain—as if every part was engraved with a description of its purpose. "I could have made this," you say. But of course, you couldn't. Your design would have been complicated and ugly because it took work and ingenuity to make a design this simple.

When I look at the H5, I do see that hint of sadness, yes, but I also see a man who is confident enough in his craftsmanship to know that it needs no ornamentation.

That doesn't make me right. It probably makes me wrong. But it's my perspective.

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