Subject: What's this?
Posted on: 2020-04-01 21:35:56 UTC

It looks strangely familiar. And by 'looks', I mean 'doesn't look'. Have you seen the detail on this place?

{Obviously. So much detail!}

[[You're both idiots. There's nothing here. Not again! Quick, write us in some--]]

Hey, there's some writing over there. It says...PPC Posting Board? Wait, I think I have been here!

{Where's a link when you need one?}

Maybe the author just needs some direction. Let's see, let's see...this was two years ago, right?

[[Definitely 2018. March, though, I think.]]

{Great! So that means--eeek! What was that?}

[[Don't be such a scaredy-cat, it's just a little link.]]

Hey, wasn't this place kind of different back then? It seems...smoother.

[[I think there are backlogs now. Giant ones.]

Ooh, I see tags. And is that Markdown I detect?

{Don't touch the tags! What if they change us?}

[[Tags can't change you.]]

They look like fun. I wonder what happens if I click...this one?

[[RP? Yeah, that makes sense. I'm sure we could be open to some roleplay.]]

I'm always open to roleplay! Except when I'm not. Ooh, Introduction!

{We were here in 2018, though. This is a stupid idea.}

New place, new people, new introduction! I'm clicking it.

[[Just don't do Serious business. This definitely isn't that.]]

{I think we should do Writing.}

[[Okay, I guess this counts as writing.]]

Writing it i--whoops.


[[Oh God, you clicked Permission request.]]

{Why would you click Permission request??}

My hand slipped! It isn't easy making this all happen while leaning out of a text box, you know!

{Fix it! Fix it!}


[[...Beta request. You hit Beta request.]]

I told you this was hard! Besides, obviously the author's going to want to know if any of this sounds really off or could be improved. She doesn't write me much, does...she...hey, I remember this one! I was going to find her some chimichangas! I think.

{This was a baaaad idea.}

[[I don't know about that, but it's a mess.]]

Hey, if you're so clever, you try ticking the right boxes!




{ helps if you grow hands.}

[[Shut up.]]

Aaaand, live from New York, it's Saturday Night! Jazzy outro! Classic intro! Monologue!

[[This is obviously a dialogue. Trialogue. Something.]]

Shh, I'm trying to think of a musical guest. Who do I know who's in a band?

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