Posted on: 2020-04-17 13:36:19 UTC

Or, to put it another way:

" story numbers are sequential by publication date."

TOS once stood, like a proud castle rising above the stormy sea of Sues, at story ID 576539. The link format has changed, but story IDs have been preserved. So take a modern story link, paste in that number, and just iterate backwards...

The first extant story before 576539 is 576527. I don't even recognise the fandom, but who cares? We're here for the date, and 'That's Where the Beach Was, That's Where the Sea' was posted on January 30th, 2002.

Working in the other direction... well, 576544 doesn't exist because its category was deleted - theories on a postcard - but 576546 is still there, and sure enough, was also posted on January 30th, 2002.

Double-checking, the next one up is --50, same date. The next one down is --14, also same date. So that's confirmed.

So there we go. At long last, we have a firm date for the creation of the PPC: 2002/01/30.

(And, incidentally, KazraGirl's story's nearest before-neighbour confirms her March 12th date.)


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