Subject: For your listening pleasure: the Original Series playlist!
Posted on: 2020-05-01 02:52:06 UTC

Before I give you the link, please be aware that some of the tracks on the playlist are Not Safe For Work. By far the worst is the one by Insane Clown Posse. It's humorous by the end, but it's also absolutely X-rated and gross. Toxic, even. {= P We can thank Agent Luxury for that contribution. ^_^;

YMMV with the rest. I've included every song either identified by name or by lyrics cited. I've also filled in the gaps where a band is mentioned, but no specific track. That includes music listened to or sung by the agents AND music listened to or sung by Suvians. I'm providing a track list with details below, but first, here's the link:

The Original Series Playlist

Track List

Items in [brackets] are my best guesses at what fits. Open to improvement!

From "Rambling Band"

  1. ["Misty Mountain Hop"] - Led Zeppelin - one of several songs performed by Laurel-Sue and her band. Sadly(?), I couldn't find a harp cover. I wasn't trying very hard, though. (Psst, hS, I found chapter 1 of the MST!)

From "Chosen"

  1. "How You Remind Me" - Nickelback - sung by Phoenix-Sue
  2. "Smooth Criminal" - Alien Ant Farm - sung by Phoenix-Sue
  3. "Everything You Want" - Vertical Horizon - sung by Acacia
  4. "In the End" - Linkin Park - sung by Phoenix-Sue
  5. ["Der Meister" - Rammstein] - "harsh German industrial" listened to by Jay
  6. ["Unknown"] - Lifehouse - sung by Acacia

From "Lady of the Fellowship"

  1. ["Engel"] - Rammstein - fallen asleep to by Jay

From "What Might Have Been"

  1. ["Du Hast"] - Rammstein - listened to by Jay
  2. "May It Be" - Enya - sung by Hanae-Sue
  3. "Mein Herz Brennt" - Rammstein - sung along with by Jay
  4. "Into the Storm" - Blind Guardian - sung along with by Jay
  5. "Never You Mind" - Semisonic - hummed by Acacia
  6. ["The Song With No Name" - Shane MacGowan] - "goddessawful bad" song about a "lady fair" sung by Legolas (Nothing against Shane MacGowan in general, but this song fits and it's from the right time period and his maudlin performance grates on my nerves. ^_^ )

From "And In the Darkness Bind Them"

  1. "Thursday's Child" - David Bowie - listened to by Jay
  2. "Shackled" - Vertical Horizon - sung by Acacia
  3. "You Say" - Vertical Horizon - sung by Acacia

From "Children of the Earth"

  1. "Toxic Love" - Insane Clown Posse - hummed by Luxury
  2. "Leave in Silence" - Depeche Mode - sung by Jay
  3. "Army of Me" - Björk - hummed by Jay
  4. ["London"] - Third Eye Blind - listened to by Jay and Acacia
  5. "Over at the Frankenstein Place" - Rocky Horror Picture Show - sung by Jay
  6. "Singing In My Sleep" - Semisonic - sung by Acacia
  7. "Never Let Me Down Again" - Depeche Mode - sung by Jay
  8. ["Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me"] - Rocky Horror Picture Show - standing in for "all the words... to all the songs in the Rocky Horror Picture Show," sung by Lux and Sean
  9. "This Will Be My Year" - Semisonic - sung along with by Acacia

From "Why am I Here?"

  1. "Here's To the Night" - Eve 6 - sung by Acacia
  2. "If I Only Had a Brain" - The Wizard of Oz - sung by Charlie-Stu
  3. "The Song That Never Ends" - Lambchop - sung Alex-Sue

From "Laugh at the Moon"

  1. ["Out of Reach"] - Voltaire - "gypsy fiddles" on Jay's "new Voltaire disc" listened to by Jay and Acacia
  2. "The Man Upstairs" - Voltaire - sung along with by Jay
  3. "The Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)" - Vertical Horizon - sung by Acacia
  4. "Dead Girls" - Voltaire - sung at Alexis-Sue by Jay

From "Gwendolyn"

  1. "Papercut" - Linkin Park - sung along with by Acacia

From "Sisterhood"

  1. "Le Freak" - Chic - hummed by Jay
  2. "Greensleeves" - [lute instrumental, Daniel Estrem] - alternative lyrics sung by Acacia (Alas, I could not find a video with the "purple shirt" lyrics. If you know one, please share!)
  3. "Windy" - The Association - parodied by Jay

From "We Cannot Be"

  1. "Whiskey You're the Devil" - [Clancy Brothers] - parodied by Jay (She gives the name "Whiskey in the Jar," but the lyrics she spoofs are from this very similar traditional folk song. Easy mistake to make.)

From "Darkness Awakened"

  1. "It's Not Easy Being Green" - Kermit the Frog - sung by Jay

From "Two Worlds"

  1. The Scooby-Doo theme - Scooby-Doo - hummed by Jay

From "The Luggage Runs Off With the One Ring"

  1. "The Hedgehog Can Never Be Buggered At All" - Terry Pratchett - sung by Nanny Ogg while Jay takes notes

From "The Dark Elf"

  1. ["The Dark Elf"/"Thorn"] - Blind Guardian - listened to by Acacia; disc loaned by Jay
  2. ["Sonne"] - Rammstein - listened to by Jay (only the album Mutter is named, but Jay sings the song "Mutter" later, so this one instead)
  3. ["Nightfall"] - Blind Guardian - listened to by Acacia
  4. theme song - Princess Mononoke - sung by Solaris-Sue (in Japanese with English translation echoes, but I can't replicate that, so you get a nice Japanese cover)
  5. "The Game" - Disturbed - sung along with by Jay

From "Elemental Crystals"

  1. ["Feur Frei!"] - Rammstein - listened to by Jay

From "To Know Where You Are Going"

  1. "Aenema" - Tool - sung by Jay (I couldn't find a "cheerfully rendered and folksy version," so you get a really good acoustic version.)

From "A Taste of Blood"

  1. "Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman" - Britney Spears - encountered in a Britney Spears RPF recalled by Dee
  2. "Ich Will" - Rammstein - music video visited by Jay and Dee while disposing of Damien-Sue
  3. "Bück Dich" - Rammstein - visit to the music video by Jay and Lord Vetinari recalled by the Big Thorn

From "Broken Doll"

  1. ["Wer Bist Du?"] - Megaherz - listened to by Jay, mistaken for Rammstein when Rhus walks in
  2. "Das Modell" - Kraftwerk - sung by Jay

From "No Way Back"

  1. "Seemann" - Rammstein - listened to by Jay and Rhus
  2. "Anything But Ordinary" - Avril Lavigne - fic's background music
  3. "Mutter" - Rammstein - listened to by Jay and Rhus
  4. "Turn, Turn, Turn" - The Byrds - hummed by Rhus
  5. "How Soon Is Now" - t.A.T.u. - fic's background music
  6. ["That Don't Impress Me Much"] - Shania Twain - fic's background music
  7. "Wicked Windows" - Jethro Tull - listened to by Jay and Rhus

That's 60 tracks total. Nice number, isn't it? If there's interest, I could make split "Jay" and "Acacia" playlists, too?

Either way, I hope you enjoy this!


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