Subject: Live-commenting the songs!
Posted on: 2020-05-01 09:00:36 UTC

Because we've got an edit function, so why not abuse it?

1: 'Misty Mountain Hop' - did you deliberately pick the most discordant Led Zeppelin song from their list? I'm sure it's a very popular song, but yikes I don't like the feel of it. It's also fairly archetypically a Three Chord Song, so I suppose you could play it on the harp pretty darn easily...

2: 'How You Remind Me' - oh, I know this one! Hah, never knew it was Nickelback... it epitomises a certain early-naughties angst, doesn't it?

3: 'Smooth Criminal' - you know, I've never been sure whether Annie (is it Annie?) is being asked whether she's(?) okay, or being told that she(?) is. It's a very confusing song (I mean, I could always look up the lyrics, but nah.) Good grief, and then it breaks down into... just... squeaking noises?

4: 'Everything You Want' - This video is blocked in my country. Noooooo, I was looking forward to something not chosen by a Suvian!

5: 'In the End' - Oh good, rap mixed with pseudo-deep choruses, my favourite genre. [/sarcasm]

6: 'Der Meister' - Oh gods. I've had to turn the headphones down for this one. (Still better than #5 or #1 though...) Actually, now that the lyrics are here, I kind of like it. Maybe that's because it's German; it's kind of hilariously over the top.

7: 'Unknown' - I don't know why - maybe it's the contrast with the Germans - but this song is totally skimming over the top of my mind. I'm not getting any impression of it, it's really weird.

8: 'Engel' - Starts with the Clangers, which is hilarious. And continuous with ridiculously OTT Germans, so I'm not complaining!

9: 'Du Hast' - Oh stars, now the OTT Germans are conjugating verbs at me. See, I was expecting more heavy metal screaming out of Rammstein - not grammar lessons!

10: 'May It Be' - 'AAAAAAAAAY! It's a song I actually like! ^_^ Enya was a great choice for the FotR credits music (in fact, I'd say all the credits songs were great, except for poor 'Gollum's Song').

11: 'Mein Herz Brennt' - Huh, the Germans know about melodic instrum-- OH no, there's the screaming. Oh, well, it'll be a good lead-in for the next song, because I know this one:

12: 'Into The Storm' - yeah, that sort of screaming. Still, a bit of 'Nightfall' is always welcome, and I know this one. WE ARE FOLLOWING THE WILL OF THE ONE! THROUGH THE DARK DAYS AND INTO THE STORM!

13: 'Never You Mind' - Yeah, this sounds slightly snarky enough for Acy. If I'd heard it on the radio enough, I'd probably start singing along. -- especially once the random Star Trek reference shows up. o.O

14: 'The Song with No Name' - ... is this the guy who did 'Fairytale of New York'? YEP it is. Yeah, he... doesn't have the voice for a serious song.

15: 'Thursday's Child' - Despite a lot of Bowie growing up, I don't think I've heard this one. But who cares - his voice is just a comforting blanket. :)

16: 'Shackled' - Well, whatever genre Nickleback were, this lot are the same genre. Very similar style.

17: 'You Say' - This is very early naughties, isn't it? I wouldn't have been at all surprised to hear this on the way to school. I think I like this one a little more than 'Shackled'.

18: 'Toxic Love' - Well, the 'insane clown' thing is coming through very well. -- and ooookay, yeah, skipping that one.

At which point I think I need a quiet-break. Live-posting will resume... probably in a couple of hours.

Right, we're back; let's get started.

19: 'Leave in Silence' - Blocked by country. Sorry, Jay!

20: 'Army of Me' - I suppose I shouldn't be surprised it's more thumpy rock... at least Bjork's voice sounds different. This is a pretty appropriate song for the PPC, actually!

21: 'London' - I've gotta say, this sounds much livelier than London really is (possible because they don't Wanna Go Ta London).

22: 'Over at the Frankenstein Place' - Aww, this sounds like a pleasant song, I wonder what it... oh. Yeah, I saw Rocky Horror once, so I'm fully expecting a twist. ... except there isn't one. Weird.

23: 'Singing in my Sleep' - Well that's quite catchy. A shame about the paeans to cassette players as the height of musical technology, but that's the passage of time for you. :)

24: 'Never Let Me Down Again' - Blocked; I suppose Messrs Depeche and Mode don't like Britain.

25: 'Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch me' - Ah, yes, that Rocky Horror. Where's my eyeroll smiley? ... also possibly my ear bleach, I don't think I'm old enough for this.

26: 'This Will Be My Year' - Oh look, we're back to the early naughties. I've never heard this, but I absolutely could have.

27: 'Here's to the Night' - Again, a very familiar type of song. I think this is another one I would have learnt and sung along with, had I encountered it.

28: 'If I Only Had a Brain' - Dorothy, you probably shouldn't join in with the man insulting himself...! Tell you what, though, the instrumental section of this is actually really irritating.

29: 'The Song That Never Ends' - Yes, thank you so much, Suvian. What did we do to deserve this?

30: 'Out of Reach' - Yeah, that's an okay song. Nothing really to say about it.

31: 'The Man Upstairs' - Well, the tune's okay, but I'm not liking the lyrics overmuch. Actually scratch that, I positively hate them.

32: 'The Best I Ever Had' - Well this is much more my speed. :) I'm with you, singer person - 'it's not so bad'.

33: 'Dead Girls' - Oh great, more Voltaire. Once again, the tune is nice. The lyrics are okay as long as you don't listen to them.

34: 'Papercut' - ... wow. That's not good music. I think it's actually making me dizzy. Yeah, I'm gonna have to skip the rest of this one.

35: 'Le Freak' - Pretty sure I've heard this one more in adverts than in real life. I don't like it much, but unlike the last one I can see why people might.

I was going to duck out again at this point, but then I glanced ahead at the next few songs, and it looks like matters improve rapidly.

36: 'Greensleeves' - Lovely. I love some nice old-fangled music. :)

37: 'Windy' - o.O Wow, is this a theme tune or a drug fantasy? Kinda catchy though.

38: 'Whiskey, You're the Devil' - Oh my gods it's a proper folk song. This is amazing. :D

39: 'It's Not Easy Being Green' - Such a weird song. Hilariously, Heather Dale has covered this, singing it with all the sincerity of a folk singer. Heather... no. It's about being green. No.

40: 'Scooby-Doo Where Are You?' - Did Jay go through a bit of a phase in the middle here? Anyway, classic cartoon theme songs are always hilarious.

41: 'The Hedgehog Song' - ... there's a full version of this? Lawks! Weirdly, it seems to miss out at least one line from the books ("... with a giraffe/If you stand on a stool"); maybe I just missed it.

42: 'The Dark Elf/Thorn' - And we're back to Nightfall. :D I think this was the bonus song, so I've not heard it too much. Not up there with my favourites, but it's okay.

43: 'Sonne' - I'd almost forgotten the Germans. Now they're teaching me to count - good-o! Not really much different to the other Rammstein stuff.

44: 'Nightfall' - Now this is the best track. :D BRB, headbanging. (I love the fact that Blind Guardian actually quote the book directly: "Vala he is, that's what you said/Then your oath is sworn in vain--!")

45: 'Princess Mononoke' - Aww, that's quite lovely. I'm not... convinced that was an English version, though.

46: 'The Game' - Ah, a shouty man. Yelling about messed-up relationships and all. No, I think I'm going to have to skip this one and take a break.

Given the state of my workday, the 'break' may last to Monday; we shall see. :)


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