Subject: I actually don't hate chapter 1?
Posted on: 2020-05-03 04:43:05 UTC

If the whole story had been about an above-it-all rock 'n' roll chick learning to appreciate her nerdy audience and maybe read a book and maybe grow as a person, that would be a story I could enjoy. It's just when they go to Middle-earth that it totally falls apart for me.

Also, I came across the band Heart a while back for unrelated reasons, and now I've discovered another reason to like them (influenced by Tolkien), so that's good! I wonder if Laurel knew Heart has also covered Led Zeppelin songs? "Sylvan Song / Dream of the Archer" has some of that same flavor, too. Seems a little ironic for her to be complaining about covering Led Zep while also covering a Led Zep cover band. {= P

~Neshomeh is going to listen to all of Little Queen now.

ETA: Okay, so Heart is one of those bands I just didn't know I've heard before. I have heard "Barracuda." Possibly others I'm unaware of, too. I'm bad at this! (Also I really like their more folksy sound on this album and I wouldn't have guessed it was the same group, wow.)

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