Subject: Hat is not on (and probably won't be put on, sorry), but that was amusing.
Posted on: 2020-05-17 16:26:52 UTC

You have two very minor formatting errors that I spotted--an extra 'enter' between paragraphs (of dialogue, at the top of a page in...the first prompt, I believe) got lost, I expect due to a previous page division that later shifted, and the pale blue highlighting from copying in the RC number and continuing to type, which, man, I'm pretty sure we've all struggled with in some form or another before. IIRC, the way to get rid of it in GDocs, besides retyping the number immediately and continuing on from there/adding a new line after before pasting it in/pasting random text from somewhere else in the doc after it and then typing on from there (and erasing the copied text) to select everything with the blue highlight and click on 'normal text' (in the style options, next to the font options in the toolbar). This is going to get rid of any bold, italics, etc in your selected text, though, so make a copy/note down where they are first so you can put them back in after.

Overall, though, after a quick (and not too deep) reading, I see just about no technical errors, the pieces you've written are amusing, and I can certainly follow what's going on. There are other elements I'd expect the PG who takes a much closer look at this to weigh and comment on (mostly to do with the PPC elements and possibly character interactions/plot?), but at the very least, you're certainly on the right track, and I definitely enjoyed the read. Well done, and good luck!


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